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Increasing Support for Working Women in the UAE

While companies have improved since the days of 1950’s office sexism, the situation is still far from perfect in 2018. “Male-dominated industries” still exist, and in nearly every industry, women have fewer leadership roles than men. The UAE ranks 120th on the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2017 – better than any other Middle Eastern country, but a long way from first place. A Universal Problem The UAE fared better than its neighbors in the Global Gender Gap Report, however, the MENA (“Middle East and North Africa”) region came in last on the world list. Generally speaking,...

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Work In Italy as an American

While many Americans dream of living in Italy, only a brave few turn the dream into reality. Making the move requires more than an appetite for pasta and some language classes. In addition, you’ll need find a company to sponsor you and apply for a visa. The process is length but doable – so long as you’re determined enough to make Italy your new home. Where to Begin European Union citizens can move to Italy like Americans move from one state to another. Unfortunately, Americans have a much tougher road ahead of them. You’ll have to find a job...

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The United Kingdom’s Gender Pay Gap

While the United States deals with its own gender pay gap, the UK must also address the issue of women getting paid less than men.  A recent study explored how the UK gender pay gap changes depending on factors such as age and hours worked. It compares their process to lining up a hundred men and a hundred women next to each other, according to hourly wage, then polling the man and woman in the middle. When all those participants are full-time workers, the median woman receives 9.1% less than the median man – which is £1.32 (or $1.70)...

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Getting a Visa for China

At first glance, you might think a ten-year visa means the recipient can stay in China for ten years. In actuality, the description refers to taking unlimited trips in one decade, not the length of one trip. Former President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi JinPing agreed on this arrangement back in 2014. Now, instead of applying for a separate visa each time, business executives and others traveling to China often can pay once every ten years. Who Should Get This Visa? Anyone can get a 10-year visa for China as long as they can prove U.S. citizenship, or...

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Saudi Arabia Brings Back Movie Theaters

For the last thirty-five years, movie theaters have been banned throughout most of Saudi Arabia. The country’s grand mufti, or highest-ranking religious official, leaned conservative and declared that movies caused “depravity.” This ruling was recently overturned by Saudi Arabia’s progressive Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. In addition to loosening other conservative laws, such as granting women the right to drive, the Saudi government allowed movie theaters to be opened for the first time in decades. Exceptions to Every Rule Faced with Saudi Arabia’s ban, citizens refused to live in a movie-less bubble. Saudis keep up with the latest media...

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