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What Are Crêpes

If you’re planning a trip to France, you’ll want to make some room in your travel budget for a delectable delicacy. Undoubtedly you will encounter their national dish – the crêpe. So what are crepes? Crepes are a paper-thin pancake usually served as a dessert, but crêpes with savory filling can also pass for a meal. Part of France’s History One of France’s most popular dishes dates back the 12th century, when buckwheat was rampant throughout the region of Brittany. The tough terrain made it difficult to grow almost anything else so locals used buckwheat as much as they...

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Google’s Parent Company Hopes to Create Tech Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, plans to explore a new market. They’ve paired with energy giant Saudi Aramco to expand into Saudi Arabia, where they’ll build a technology center with data hubs. This will diversify an economy that largely depends on oil. Joining Forces Saudi Aramco, one of the world’s biggest oil companies, is looking to branch out into the technology sector. For the last few months they’ve been in talks with Google, specifically Alphabet CEO Larry Page, to open three data centers in a deal worth $1 billion. At this point in time Saudi Arabia relies on...

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Work Hours in Germany

The German Work Week: What To Expect   In the United States, the line between work and play often blurs. Employees make friends with their coworkers and check emails while they’re with their families. This lifestyle might seem unavoidable – employees must work a certain amount of hours, then to keep up, they stay in touch at home. Germans have figured out a way around this stress overload by making their regular work hours more efficient. Enforcing the Balance German employees support a successful economy by working only 35 hours a week, while enjoying 24 vacation days and excellent...

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The Japanese Bathtub

If you’re treating yourself to the ultimate bathroom makeover, a Japanese bathtub (also known as a Japanese soaking tub) might be the perfect way to add some unexpected style. How is it different from a Jacuzzi tub? This Asian version surrounds you in steaming water that rises up to your neck, creating an indulgent spa experience. Adding Culture to U.S. Bathrooms When using this deep soaking tub, bathers typically stand or sit, either by themselves or with two or more people. It can work as a tub in the master bath or a Jacuzzi-like pool on an outdoor deck....

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Dubai Creates Frame for Picture-Perfect Views

Many tourists visit city destinations for the breathtaking views, so Dubai built a frame for theirs. The gilded frame that opened on January 1st served as a “New Year’s gift” from the United Arab Emirate metropolis to the public. While the frame-shaped building could be an attraction all its own, visitors can explore the numerous attractions within. Reaching New Heights Dubai’s newest attraction features four sides that make up the frame, with nothing in the middle to obstruct the view. The top border is actually a bridge standing 150-meters high (about 492 feet, roughly 50 stories if each floor...

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