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The winner of the 2018 Overseas American Study Abroad Scholarship is…. Miracle Davis We received many applications for the study abroad scholarship and want to thank everyone who participated. Studying abroad can be a wonderful way to learn from others, experience a new culture and reap benefits that can last a lifetime. Congratulations to Miracle and safe travels to everyone studying abroad in the coming...

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Travel to Macedonia

  Fragmented into tiny nation states, the Balkan Peninsula is home to some of the most captivating Slavic countries. Once part of the mighty Yugoslav federation, these are now independent states, unique in so many ways. At the center of the region you’ll find Macedonia – the home of two million people, breathtaking nature, and rich cultural heritage. Bathing in sunshine, the Macedonian landscape welcomes travelers from all around the globe. The prices are ridiculously affordable, and there is a garden variety of places to visit and things to enjoy. The focal point, though, is the perfect blend of...

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Study Abroad in Italy

What’s your name? Kristen What brought you to Italy? I knew I wanted to study abroad and Italy seemed like the perfect place for me. My family is Italian and I still have relatives who live there. I was hoping to get a good feel for the culture. What was your first impression? My first impression was that everything was SO BEAUTIFUL. I remember the day I got to Milan and the week to follow I took pictures of every building and landmark I saw. I couldn’t believe how much detail every building had. Moving to any country is...

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Moving From the US to the UK

What’s your name? Jess Dante What brought you to the U.K.? I fell in love with a guy who happened to be from London, and we decided to set up our life here. Can you describe the process and length of time it took to get your U.K. visa? I have a spouse visa, which obviously means that I was able to get it once my husband and I were married. Long story short, I was banned from entering the UK and the only way that my then-boyfriend and I could be together was for us to get married....

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