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Moving From the US to the UK

1) What’s your name? Jess Dante What brought you to the U.K.? I fell in love with a guy who happened to be from London, and we decided to set up our life here. Can you describe the process and length of time it took to get your U.K. visa? I have a spouse visa, which obviously means that I was able to get it once my husband and I were married. Long story short, I was banned from entering the UK and the only way that my then-boyfriend and I could be together was for us to get...

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Career Options For Nurses

Travel Nurses In High Demand If you’re looking for a career that is physically and emotionally challenging, but immensely rewarding for the heart, nursing might be the option for you. While nursing previously may have been more geographically restrictive, registered nurses, albeit with some more specific qualifications, can now opt for a variety of positions both domestically and internationally. Whether to explore a new specialty or a new environment, careers in travel nursing are on the rise. Travel Nursing Opportunities Professions in nursing are in high demand with an expected increase of 16% from 2014 to 2024 according to...

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A Look into the Job Market in Australia

Career paths and the job market are changing in the land down under. With 1 in 5 Australian university graduates unable to secure a job in their field of study, graduates and the government alike, know an intervention is needed. The stigma around TAFE or ‘technical and further education,’ is not new. It’s assumed, that those with jobs in trades only end up here because they couldn’t make it in the professional arena. However, recent salary reports and more importantly, satisfaction reports indicate this is far from true. The job market in Australia is experiencing a steep decline in...

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Black in China

What’s your name? Desmond Wiggan Jr. What brought you to China and which parts have you visited? I came to China as part of my MBA program which allowed me to study here while also teaching some Undergraduate business classes. I live in the Henan province, and traveled throughout the province to many cities. Also, have been to Shanghai and Beijing. What was your first impression? My first impression was that life here was so different for obvious reasons. With the way the government controls media they don’t live the same life as we do in other parts of...

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