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International Graduates Face Harsh UK Visa Requirements

    UK Visa Requirements: What College Students Need To Know There’s no rest for England’s international graduates. While most graduates struggle to find employment after college, the challenge carries even more weight for those who aren’t UK natives. Graduates hoping to stay must find a job in four months. If they don’t qualify for the Tier 2 visa by the deadline, they’re forced to leave the country. Some graduates find ways to get ahead of the competition, but many incoming freshmen are avoiding the UK visa requirement by going elsewhere for their education. Visa Applications and Your Job...

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South Korea Supports Drastic Minimum Wage Increase In 2018

  Increase In Minimum Wage To Diversify and Boost South Korean Economy Many small business owners in South Korea are worried about affording the new minimum wage in 2018. The Korean Labor Institute estimates that companies with five or more employees only raised their payroll by 3.8 percent from 2015 to 2016. When negotiations over minimum wage first began, labor advocates proposed 55 percent. Business representatives were thinking more like 2.4 percent. While 16 percent is nowhere near the number suggested by labor advocates, it will still be a burden for the business representatives who’d wanted single digits. According...

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As Britain Exits EU, Finance Jobs Exit Britain

Finance Jobs Hurt By Brexit When countries sign up for the European Union, they gain access to a “single market.” Members can freely exchange goods and services without the usual hassle of crossing borders. By leaving the European Union, Britain will put the borders back up and make international business much more complicated. Thanks to Brexit, finance jobs in particular are fleeing Britain and to the safety of major EU cities. The Great Bank Exodus Many banks have set their sights on Frankfurt in central Germany. Dublin and Paris are other strong contenders. Plans won’t be finalized until Brexit...

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China Blocks American Websites

  Websites That You Regularly Use May Be Blocked In China As United States citizens, the concepts of free speech and free market economy are ingrained in our cultural identity. Most of us would be outraged if the government shut down a popular, privately-owned social media platform. In China “The Great Firewall” is a reality, and many popular U.S. websites are blocked. Earlier this year, the Chinese government added virtual pinboard platform Pinterest to their list of banned websites. Which Websites are Blocked?  In addition to Pinterest, China has blocked several other American social media websites. Google and all...

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Costa Rica’s “Pura Vida”: Pros and Cons

Located in Central America, the country of Costa Rica appeals to Americans looking for familiar amenities in a tropical setting. Like most things in life though the country has its pros and cons. The stable democratic government provides a safe place to retire or relocate. On the other hand, Costa Rica still has its own identity and lifestyle, so things might not run exactly like Americans expect. Use this list to determine if “pura vida” is the life for you. The Neighbors Pros: Around 50,000 Americans lived in Costa Rica as of 2013. Those new to life in a...

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