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Ramen in Japan

What’s your name? Brian MacDuckston What brought you to Japan and how long have you been there? I came to Japan in 2006 to get away from the tech world and teach English. Over 11 years now! What are some of the biggest cultural differences compared to what you’ve experienced back in the U.S.? Although I’m from a big city (San Francisco), even countryside Japan can be super crowded. The sheer number of people is a trip for me. Are there any areas of Japan that a newcomer should avoid and has safety ever been a concern for you?...

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NEOM – A post-oil mega city in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, has set a very ambitious target for himself and his nation. The crux of Vision 2030 is Neom; a revolutionary ultra-modern mega-city the likes of which have never been seen. Neom is derived from ‘neo’ or new, and ‘mustaqbal’ the Arabic word for future. As the name suggests, the vision boasts futuristic capabilities and artificial intelligence. Ending the reliance on oil, this vision promises a paradigm shift towards a non-traditional lifestyle, powered by clean energy and more robots than people. Yes, robots in Neom’s Saudi Arabia. Around 10,000 square miles of barren...

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Teaching In South Korea

What’s your name and where are you from? My name is Abigail and I’m from San Diego, California. What brought you to South Korea and had you ever visited there before? I’ve never visited Korea before moving here but I was drawn to so many things about Korea: its culture, language, fashion, music, and most importantly, its food! Was it a difficult process getting hired and obtaining your visa? Thanks to my recruiter, the whole process of getting hired and obtaining a visa went quite smoothly because they helped me through each step. Thank you, Reach to Teach! There...

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How To Extend Your Visa In the UAE

Want To Extend Your Visa in the UAE? Start a Business! The utopic dream – a perfect work-life balance, being one’s own boss and able to choose the hours at work, fulfilling one’s professional goals, and of course, an income that knows no limits. Is this what entrepreneurship means? It seems for a growing number of Emirates, it does. When entering the United Arab Emirates, as a tourist, you may stay for 30 days with an additional 9-day grace period. Many visitors get around this restriction by going on a “visa run” or leaving the country and returning on...

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Discovering Job Opportunities in Saudi Arabia

What’s your name? John What brought you to Saudi Arabia and is this your first time in the country? I had traveled for work in the Middle East before, but had not been to Saudi Arabia until I visited my university here a few months prior to my employment. I came here to join the faculty of King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals. For many people looking to move to Saudi Arabia getting a job is a top priority. What ways can they find a job there? Since I was recruited for my position, I’m probably not best...

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